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Predict the Falcons Pick at 47

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I will readily admit I have no ****** clue who our #47 pick will be. All I know is no matter who I guess I'll be wrong. Some people I like however are: Blacklock, Winfield, McKinney,  Gallimore, Uche,

I'm predicting Zack Baun, LB Wisconsin as a replacement for Campbell but have my fingers crossed hoping Winfield Jr. slips.  He is a poor man's Ed Reed or Earl Thomas.  

Grant Delpit. I feel secondary is the theme. 

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Let’s not make it more difficult than it is. If Epenesa is there... you take him... it’s really that easy... most people on this board wanted him before the combine... if he is available in the 2nd... get him... you guys are all infatuated with the guys that look good in their underwear... how about we fill this team with FOOTBALL PLAYERS for once?... as much as I hate them... The Patriots built the most dominating Dynasty in recent history, perhaps of all time... with football players... not people that win the underwear olympics... 

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13 minutes ago, King Jigsaw said:

There are a lot of players I’d be okay with at 47. YGM, Delpit, McKinney, Blacklock, Chin, Winfield, Baun, Epinesa (ehh), Madibuike, Hennessy, Biadasz, Uche, Elliott. Just to name a few. 

I'd be ok with the rest of the players on your list but not YGM, Baun, or Madbike. 

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1 minute ago, 1989Fan said:

I hope we take him in round 3 just for the sake of the board reaction. :munch:

Well, as much as I like him..  Im not sure  I want him for us... Even though I do think he'll be a steal in the draft..  If we had needed a QB now,, I would have pushed for Herbert... He was the steal of the draft IMO.

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9 minutes ago, Nono said:

No one on had AJ as our pick did they? I'll refrain from making myself look even more foolish by predicting #47 but I will say this TD will make a trade or two before this is over.

I've got two players in my top 20 with AJ  as their first name..  But I didn't have AJ Terrell in my top 20 ,, my bad...  but I'm hopeing that  DE AJ Epenesa  and  CB AJ Green will be a couple of picks for us.

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