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A lot of talented guys still on board

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Looks like there’s some really good value here in the 2nd

15 picks before ours...

Madabuike, Blacklock, Elliott, Epenesa, YGM

Baun, Wilson

All the safeties

Still some really good CBs


I like our chances of landing another starter or really good depth piece.


We’ve replaced Trufant...now you need to replace Campbell, rotational 3T, slot or outside WR3, DE depth, OL depth


TD could trade back in the 2nd with as much talent on the board

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I'd be looking safety in terms of value left on the board, but I think TD & DQ will look to address the SAM spot. Outside of corner, that figures to be the spot with the cleanest projection to providing immediate impact. Maybe Zach Baun in that case, as a guy who can play standing up in base and pin his ears back in sub packages. Willie Gay Jr might be another, albeit with the versatility as a pass rusher.

There is a clear pattern with TD's first and second round picks: they fill the biggest needs and they typically look for immediate contributors. 

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I think one of the DTs that has ability to play some base DE is our next priority along with SLB

Gotta replace 900 snaps from Clayborn/Crawford

Replace 900+ snaps from Campbell


Weve replaces Freeman, Trufant, Beasley, and Hooper

with Gurley, Terrell, Fowler, Hurst


still not sure we are better? But look for those two mentioned as the next picks for replacements.

Id love....

2. Madabuike DT

3. Logan Wilson SLB

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