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What position do you think the Falcons will draft with pick 47?

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There will be a very good player available at one of the 3 positions the Falcons have a need:

Safety: McKinney, Winfield Jr,  Delpit, and Chinn all still available. 

DT: Blacklock, Madubuike, and Gallimore all still available

LB: Baun, Uche, and Wilson all still available. 

No need to trade up and give up picks. Guaranteed least 2-3 of these 10 will still be on the board at 47. 

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46 minutes ago, kenn.junior said:

has DQ and TD said that S is a need or is everyone here just think its a need

The Falcons may want to load up in the backfield with Brady and Brees around. Not too mention Maholmes, Rodgers etc.

42 minutes ago, Kaptain Krazy said:

Haven't heard them say any position is a need. Quinn was praising OL and DL prospects prior to the draft, and CB was the 16th pick. 

Maybe he thinks there will be good DL and OL in later rounds.

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