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Packers draft Rodgers replacement...meanwhile...

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Yup. That’s our QB. Ride or die. 

You are an idiot. Alex Smith is not in the same galaxy as Ryan lol. 

I’m going to need y’all to go to bed so you’ll quit crying so much. These threads are ridiculous.

Green Bay has much more of a luxury to draft for the future considering that they have a better roster right now. They were in the NFCCG last year. We had a losing record. We need to draft for talent to help us now to get us to their point. Or would you rather draft a backup quarterback and prolong the build?

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2 minutes ago, marvinthemartian said:

Do you seriously think that with as many other glaring needs as we have that we should have picked the 4th QB taken at 16 when you would have a billion dollars in dead cap space by cutting Ryan?  Maybe Love can cover or rush the passer while he waits for Matt to retire. 

There's a reason the Falcons have the longest streak in the nfl of not having ANY pro football championships of any kind...

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12 minutes ago, Spts1 said:

Three or four more years of noodle arm while other teams get the talented quarterbacks...

Who would you rather have between Jordan Love, Justin Fields, and Trevor Lawrence?

If you answer either Lawrence or Fields, THEN YOU CAN'T DRAFT JORDAN LOVE.

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The Falcons literally have the worst fans. The meltdown about everything every time is insane. Let's keep our franchise quarterback until it's time to replace him. There are so many good players left on the board. Don't drop a deuce in your pants after every pick by a team not named the FALCONS.

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