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Chris Simms on AJ

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7 minutes ago, g-dawg said:

wouldn't surprise me.    That Mayock pick of Arnette could have been a reactionary move.   I definitely believe Terrell was viewed as the #3 corner by the GMs - just my take.

I wonder where he was on our board.

If he wasn’t the top guy at CB.

We were put with Hendersen and I’m glad we didn’t go up to get him.

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Hmm Simms said something that i hadn't thought about actually.  I was more so thinking about our whole defense being in a Zone setup.    But Clemson and i should have known this being a fan of theirs.  Puts him in man to man and puts the rest of the defense in Zone.   I guess thats something we could do here with him and honestly could have done with Henderson which i'll admit i failed to think of just putting 1 guy in a setup by himself with the rest of the defense running something different.    If this makes it easier for the rest of the D to just handle their zones and smaller spaces to cover it could probably work out.

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