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We just reached for Terrell

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2 minutes ago, B3TD said:

Would he have been there in the second round? We've had this happen before where they said they were planning to trade back, but didnt have any takers. Sounds like they tried to trade up, but that didn't happen, so...

If that's the case, do you just go without a CB1 because value? We're in a tough spot with Trufant's salary not worth his production anymore.

At the end of the day do you feel better about the CB position after this pick? I dont We have Oliver and Scheff and now homeboy. Who is the #1? Who separates themselves from the others? is it going to be this kid? Is he even going to start? We cant even say that... I dont hate the kid, im just speaking from a team building perspective. If you cant 100% say he will start at the very least why select him over 2LBs that we NEED to start. We need at least 1 LB we select this draft to start and another one to possibly play REAL snaps.

Lets say we 100% couldnt move back then im going w the position we need more desperately to make an impact . Not to mention another CB will be there in the 2nd. There were a lot of guys in the same talent area. 

Just my take

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Falcons were thin at CB.

TD addressed most other needs with proven commodities in Free Agency.

Terrell has been ranked this high and in the 2020 draft and to The Falcons. TD was not going to able to pay a lot of $ for a CB. 

Falcons defense is better with Kazee at FS. Quinn can keep him there, and move Neal to Nickel OLB/SS hybrid and hat Simmons could have been.

T.D. and Quinn may be Executives of 2020

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3 minutes ago, Beast-N-Da-Sheetz said:

What? You can argue he's had a better college career than both Neal and Jones. Made tons of plays on NATIONAL TITLE teams. Are ya still listening?

Are you NUTS?  Look at the body of work. SEC v ACC. Don't even...Who gives a $hit abt the National Title game? He got ROASTED.

2 pro bowlers and you are saying this guy was MORE productive in college? GTFO

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13 minutes ago, Akod2017 said:

Two years in a row TD should have traded down. He’s done after this year. Terrell will get absolutely destroyed next year, Blank better move on

You can't just trade down just because you want to trade down.
Teams actually have to want to trade up.

You guys act like its ****ing Madden 2020

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Just now, philosophico said:

He's a reach pick too! However thats the raiders, they looked at his 40 speed and said fast enough! They drafted the wrong WR too!

That's your opinion on the wrong receiver.... I like the Terrell pick championship pedigree corner...2017 Sugar Bowl, 2018 cotton bowl and national championship , 2019 fiesta bowl and national championship. With Coach Whitt brah will be a baller

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23 minutes ago, Falcons805 said:

I personally thought Fulton was better, 

Agree, Fulton and Diggs. 

I think they are better corners and both of them played against better receivers week after week. 

Just like they say steel strengthens steel. These guys were also practicing against some of the best receivers in the SEC!

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3 minutes ago, Ovie_Lover said:

If they were game changers why was Keanu supposed to be a 2nd rounder and no one knew about Debo? 

What the h_ll are you talking about? Those that WATCH SEC Football know better.  I called keanu from the get.  He changed games... But whatever you want to say. I'm sure you're a Dawg fan.  Both are PRO BOWLERS.  You never saw them get SMOKED like Terrell on a national stage.  Just stop.  I'm sure having # of poasts means something on here but logic obviously isn't one of them.  THis pick will get scrutinized enough by the media.

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