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Any chance we go offense in the 1st round?

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Just now, LookAboutFalcon said:

Everyone is dead set it will be a defensive player (most likely it will be).  Haven't seen any talk or speculation about going offense.  The board would have a major melt down, it would be great for the lulz, lol.

It all depends on how the draft falls, if we dont trade up or back and all the defensive talent is gone, I wouldnt mind taking an o-line player. I think a trade back is way more likely than that though.

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If Wirfs falls to 16 we better go offense round 1. Dude would dominate at OG IMO. 

imagine that nasty SOB as a pulling guard just wiping out LBs and DBs...would make Jakes block on Norman (?) look civilized.

dont want a WR, but CeeDee lamb is gonna be gooood.

another way would be if we traded down and took a guard or center later in round 1.

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