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The totally not about the NFL Draft thread...

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Let’s see if we can get @JayOzOne over here.

2 minutes ago, JayOzOne said:

Hugh Jass. 6'9" 380 pound OT/DT out of Southwest Podunk Community College in Hazzard County, Kentucky. First 380 pound player to run a sub-4.8 40 yard dash. 52 reps in the bench press. 48 inch vertical, 16'5" broad jump. Had 16 sacks, 12 TFL, 6 INTs, 4 passes defensed, 5 forced fumbles before being suspended for the season after game 1 for laughing after he put the third opponent quarterback on a gurney. Also had 8 pancake blocks and ran the ball in for three touchdowns in that game.

Said to be a relatively raw prospect, having never played against top tier competition outside of the correctional system but most evaluators think he could be a day one starter for any team that drafts him.


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Just now, Jpizzle said:

Why is Gettleman wearing a mask in a room by himself?

Question asked, question answered...

Just now, Leon Troutsky said:

I was about to talk **** at Gettelman for wearing a mask when he’s the only one in the room, but then I realized it’s probably so people don’t read his lips while he’s talking with staff about the pick.


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