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The totally not about the NFL Draft thread...

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1 hour ago, Herr Beast said:

And neither does Tommy. His track record indicates as much.

It doesn‘t matter anyway, 2020 is a gap year no matter what. DQ‘s farewell tour. At least AB didn‘t allow those clowns to use 2021 picks trying to save their skin. 

I just hope corona doesn‘t cancel the 2020 season. I would hate to see those clowns here in 2021.

The simple that we drafted a corner before there was a run on corners tells me that TD has a better feel for other teaks draft boards than someone on a message board.

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6 hours ago, Jpizzle said:

I only watch Georgia games every once in a blue moon but at no point in time in the four or five games that I watched did I ever think "That's an NFL quarterback right there".


He just doesn't have the arm strength or the accuracy.

He's a "meh" guy. Didn't play poorly most of the time and only elevated his performance in spurts. It seemed like when Georgia won, either a close game or a blowout, it was because someone else had a signature game. I can't imagine any DC of a good team scratching his head trying to figure out how to stop Fromm.

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2 hours ago, Mr. Hoopah! said:

Still can’t believe Cam hasn’t signed somewhere. And that when he does, it will be as a backup. 

You can’t tell me Belichick thinks Jarret Stidham is a better QB than Cam or Andy Dalton. 

Cam still needs an offense that caters to his strengths, which are diminishing. I can't see him as a backup so signing him means you're changing your offensive dynamic to suit him as a starter. And with his health issues, that has to be a risk.

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