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K-Train's 2020 Mock Draft


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I typically only do one mock per year, but thought I'd toss things up a bit this year. So I'm gonna make it a 2-in-1 mock...

One version with trades
Then another version w/ no trades... just selecting at our current spots.

VERSION 1 (w/ trades)
R1-16: We have a trade!
SEA receives: 1-16 (1000 pts)
ATL receives: 1-27, 2-64, 4-133 (990 pts)

R1-27: Atlanta Falcons select

We replace Tru by getting a starter at CB to pair with Oliver & Sheffield. TD & co spent some time in Utah checking out some of their players in -person, and I can't help but think Johnson was at the top of the list of those guys. He's not the fastest CB in this class, nor the tallest, or most athletic, but he's one of the most well-rounded IMO. Johnson is also a very smart dude; a business major who earned academic honors while maintaining a 3.6 GPA. He's got great instincts & route recognition, great communication skills, good strength for press, can fight for contested balls, and has shown the explosiveness & range to handle deep coverage duties.

- About 30 minutes later -
We have a trade!
ATL receives: 1-31 (600 pts)
SF receives: 2-64, 2021 2nd, 4-119 (589 pts)

R1-31: Atlanta Falcons select

We get the best interior o-lineman in the draft. Ruiz can start at OG this year & take over for Mack at C when the time comes. I know a lot of folks like Hennessy later in the draft, but after listening to interviews with that guy, I'm convinced he is soft as Charmin. IMO center is an incredibly important position... just look at the difference having a real C made once we got Mack compared to trying to be thrifty at the position w/ M. Person a year early. The C touches the ball on every single offensive play. If a C struggles to get the ball to the QB both cleanly AND consistently, it has a snowball effect... because that extra second or two it takes the QB to get a grip & try not to fumble the ball half can be enough to severely disrupt the timing of routes. Remember how it seemed like Matt Ryan & the receivers weren't on the same page when Person was snapping the ball but the following year when Mack was snapping, he completed nearly 70% of his passes & won the MVP? That's not a coincidence. So, I am of the opinion that it's a good idea to invest in the position, and so we move back into the 1st to do that here... while getting the 5th year option to help keep things economically sound for a while, too.

R2-47: Atlanta Falcons select

We have no clue what Neal has in him after back-to-back serious lower body injuries have cost him the better part of two seasons. Neal is also in the final year of his deal, so a decision will have to be made on  I'm soon one way or another. Even if Neal plays well, it may be best to let him walk & get a comp pick rather than giving him a deal just to see him turn around and get hurt again.... maybe I'm just too worried of another Sam Baker second contract type of situation there. Beyond that, Rico has a pretty large cap hit next season, and Kazee is in the final year of his rookie deal (I actually have us trading him later in this draft). So, safety is a need IMO, and Davis feels like a tremendous value as he has great athleticism AND unlike Dugger or Chinn, he has faced real competition. Davis also has the length & speed to be considered for a role as a CB, so there is great versatility here, too.

R3-78: Atlanta Falcons select

This dude is the perfect fit for us at SLB to replace Campbell. His player comp per NFL.com is KJ Wright for crying out loud. He FLIES to the ball carrier like a heat-seeking missile & while it's not his strongest attribute, he can hold his own in coverage, too. We apparently talked to him on multiple occasions during the combine, so some interest exists.

R4-133: Atlanta Falcons select

Gurley is on a 1 year deal. If he plays out of his mind, it might be better to let him walk in 2021 & get a comp pick. Either way, it wouldn't hurt to have a backup plan in place. Ito is ok, but has already shown a propensity to getting knocked out of games. Hill is ok, but doesn't seem like anything beyond a backup. Ollison is just big, but not particularly good at anything yet. So grabbing Akers gives us a potential stud at the position for the next few years, and provides insurance immediately should Gurley have any health setbacks during the season.

R4-134: Atlanta Falcons select

What's better than having one Dante Fowler? Having two of them. Yeah, I know that's a bit optimistic, but Greenard's player comp per NFL.com is Fowler. Greenard didn't test exceptionally well at the combine, so that may work in our favor a bit if he slips to this range. He's a guy we've have had FaceTime meetings with recently, so there seems to be some interest. There was also an interview with one of the top o-line prospects where they mentioned Greenard as the toughest player they faced in college, saying that he just does not let up ever. Gotta like that.

- About 15 minutes later -
We have a trade!
ATL receives: 5-150 (600 pts)
NYG receives: 2021 5th, CB/S D. Kazee

R5-150: Atlanta Falcons select

Ojumedia has good size/length (6'1" 200lbs, 32.25" arms), athleticism (4.45 40, 6.89 3cone, 36" vert), enjoys hitting, and is really smart (graduating w/ an engineering degree in May). He'd be a great addition to the CB corps, or could be groomed into a FS. I think he offers tremendous value & would be an ideal replacement for Kazee. We met with him at the combine.

R7-228: Atlanta Falcons select

We have talked to this guy a bunch. I think he's probably someone who popped out to them while they were looking at tape for Kenny Willekes. Williams was doing a ton of the dirty work that helped Willekes make plays. Williams made his share of plays, too but sparingly. He's more of a run defender who likely gets used as a 1 tech. Apparently nearly walked away from football after this younger brother & cousin were gunned down in Chicago. If he's still got the drive to play, there's a lot to like about him as a rotational DT who provides nice value this late in the draft.

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VERSION 2 (w/o trades)

R1-16: Atlanta Falcons select

R2-47: Atlanta Falcons select

R3-78: Atlanta Falcons select

R4-119: Atlanta Falcons select

R4-134: Atlanta Falcons select

R7-228: Atlanta Falcons select

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