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Most entertaining NFL draft ever?

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With virtual setups the 2020 NFL draft could be the most exciting and polarizing draft to ever occur. I imagine over the next few years there will be books written on the blunders, slip-ups, and intentional deceit that occurred. With multiple phones containing all GMs, video chats, and possibilities for Internet issues there is no doubt to be some rocky moments. Anyone else expecting pure chaos tonight outside of a potential Falcons trade?

Can you imagine the Redskins GM "unintentionally" saying in the larger conference chat "give me a callback Thomas" to try to entice additional compensation from another team trying to trade? Another clumsy person mentions who they are thinking about taking to the overall group while trying to communicate with their own personnel and a team jumps them to steal their selection. There are so many possibilities for mistakes I can't imagine they don't happen. I just hope the Falcons front office is savvy enough to not be one of those teams that becomes a laughing stock (insert your joke here) after having a serious blunder.

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3 minutes ago, Da D!rty D!rty said:

I'd hope they keep the cluster f**k to a minimum on this jank, but it will make for some entertainment. Speaking of which, how do I even watch the draft?

I'd like to think they would, but just can't help but seeing at least one major mistake. It'll be on ABC, ESPN, and NFL Network among other sources.

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8 minutes ago, FalconFanSince1970 said:

I won’t be shocked if Russia hacks the Microsoft servers. Or maybe China.

With the #1 pick in the 2020 draft, the Bengals have exchanged picks with the New England Patriots for no good reason who select Joe Burrow.  Wait what???

**** you Russia!!!!

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