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*** Official 2020 NFL Draft Thread: Round 1 ***


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Not mad. I really wanted a LB, but my gut is correct that we arent that high our LB needs this year.

There are some great DTs left that we passed on, but Davidson made that not a big need anymore.

Maybe Baun or Wilson were our guy, if we really wanted a LB. 

Hennessey is a great pick up at Center. Great pick, smart pick 

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1 minute ago, kiwifalcon said:

It’s about the right spot for him.

Even if possibly a round early, we can’t afford to go hunting for an Alex Mack after wasting a number of seasons not replacing McClure.

We could move up next round if we want to, but we all knew iOL with projection to replace Mack was a big factor entering this draft.

Imagine needing a TE entering tonight?

So far, we haven’t “directly” replaced Campbell. But...he was a 4th rounder himself. And not irreplaceable.

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1 minute ago, JetJones11 said:

I like it i believe he’ll start at guard this year 

I dont know but he at least adds some real competition to the mix.

Our O line is looking really deep. We are determined to fill that hole at LG by any means lol

Brown and/or Carpenter my end up camp casualties if they dont bring it this year and we just eat the money

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