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*** Official 2020 NFL Draft Thread: Round 1 ***

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Just now, stizz said:

This is the round TD usually gets cute and drafts someone we haven't heard of.

Yeah, and it hasn't worked out.  Really hoping to buck that trend and pick a "top 50" type guy who has dropped.

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Just now, Schwarzwald said:

Lol only dude that’s better than our guys is Cam. Rankins just had a bad year after achilles. Davenport hasn’t been worth it so far for them either. Then, you got a run defender and a 3rd round rookie.


Lmaooo thats a good one , thanks for the laugh. And they were still able to get after the QB and stop the run. Davenport has definitely been worth it, definitely more than Takk anyway. 

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5 minutes ago, LightningDawg58 said:

Saints paying us back for taking Terrell. They werent about to lose out to us twice in one draft

So, we made the Saints draft a Center first overall two years in a row and then trade a third rounder to secure another player they were afraid of missing? Good. Let’s dictate to them further.

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