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*** Official 2020 NFL Draft Thread: Round 1 ***


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5 minutes ago, Atlantafan21 said:

Basically the equivalent of us picking Campbell. Picked a 6th round guy in the 4th round. Hopefully he’ll be as good as Campbell at least. 

You are right, same concept. He may get moved outside. Not as big or fast as Campbell, but a little stronger with a better broad jump. Hopefully with some work he can be as dependable. 

Bench: MW-20  DC-16

Vert: DC-34 MW-33

Broad: MW-122 DC-116

40: DC-4.58  MW-4.65

Size: DC 6' 4'' 232  MW 6' 3'' 230


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2 minutes ago, RightInTwo said:

Uh, no? I remember everyone being shocked that we got him in the 5th round.


2 minutes ago, Atlantafan21 said:

I remember most loving that pick. Dude had a day 2 grade for most people and would’ve gone high if he had more size. 

We need to find those threads, cause I don’t remember it going that way at all. I remember the the TAFT going crazy...but that’s with every pick. It all blends together 

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“Explosive off-ball linebacker with some experience on the edge. Athleticism helps him get to the football in a hurry. Average-at-best in coverage. Slightly stiff/uncomfortable sinking. Best ranging sideline-to-sideline or flying downhill. Falcons needed linebacker depth. (Chris Trapasso)“

Sounds like a STs guy with upside being another lengthy LB like Vondre was; could project at SLB if Foye doesn’t work out in Base D.

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3 minutes ago, isproab said:

OK, but have you ever though you didn't know him because you have not looked hard enough? Campbell was not a household name either when we picked him. 

I think we can  go based off the general reaction to gauge if most people seemingly had awareness of the player or not

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