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The Hype Train is stoked up.

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Half TATF will be all aboard tomorrow night for a glorious ride into Lombardi Town in Feb 2021...half of half will be I’m gonna wait and see what this year brings, and the remaining batch will be like, Q and Thomas gotta go, should have been gone already and then, the board will explode.

So me, I’m like watch the show, knock back a few and laugh at the circus that is sure to follow...in any event, nothing we can do will effect the draft, the win/loss record, or even if we can attend a game in person this year!

So, like the sheeple the gov’t wants us to become, we shall heard , not together tho, but in “brotherhood “ and watch the draft while virtual booing Goodell from our abode, and wish for the best for the birds. 

We are spectators, cheerleaders and consumers of NFL gear and nothing else we have any direct control over! 

1776...? Go Falcons!! 

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LOL, this crap happens every fkg year doesn't it?  The drama mama escapades are in full season.

So far we have rumors saying we're taking a QB, even two QB names have been mentioned at that.

Epic  rumors have it that we're going top 5 or bust.

One minute it's CJ, next it's Chase, then it's Jeffrey...  

taking a premier OT has been bantered about several times.

Whenever someone mentions moving back, there are people who react like someone took their lolipop & threw it in the sand LOL!

TD explores tradeups every stinking year probably right?  It's always good to know there's someone that might be willing to trade up or down with.  

One thing is certain... We'll move up, down or stay put.  Guaranteed.  

I truly believe there are some people on this very board who'll actually cry if we don't move up. :shrug:

I prefer to stay put & let the draft come to us.  Or even trade back. But ultimately, I too plan to enjoy the ride tomorrow Rogue.

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