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Rookie pass rusher dont make the impact of rookie LS,CB,and Safeties

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Proof is in the pudding guys. We have seen them go number 1 over all (Courtney Brown and Clowney), we have seem some over the past 20yrs or so come in and make a day 1 impact(Kearse 14.5, Freeney 13,Simeon Rice 12) but realistically i don't think any rookie not named Chase Young will help this team......THIS SEASON. Now a CB,LB,or Safety impact shows up on the stat sheet. A 4th and 1 tackle for loss bu your rook LB impact the game like a sack would.

I think we will sign another pass rusher (Markus Golden) after June 1. We all know no NFL roster is complete yet. I think Okudah/Simmons is the target. If we cant manuever up to get him, then Kenneth Murray is a great consolation prize. Thoughts fellas?

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2 minutes ago, HaRdH3ad said:

This comment is a fail if comparing him to anybody not named chase young...

Don’t really agree. If the OP wants to make super-generalized blanket statements that lump all rookie players at a position together, don’t you think the responses that highlight that flawed logic deserve to be equally as vague just to teach them that lesson? 

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