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Falcons - the Innocent Bystanders in a Neighborhood Spat?

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New England has been almost a predetermined showpiece the last couple of decades with a "perfect" QB at the helm and a "never do wrong" HC running things.  There has been some losing mixed in to make things look realistic but almost everything has worked out conveniently for the franchise.  And, the NFL has certainly has great marketing with the franchise's players.

We in Atlanta will never forget the 28-3 lead that conveniently evaporated against NE as almost everything that was going right for us just suddenly went wrong allowing a storybook comeback for NE.  Many other teams can also question how things have conveniently worked out for NE and how it has escaped scandals, hard schedules, high-priced QB contracts, and mediocre backup QB play.

So, now we are at 2020 and this franchise is suddenly looking at a major turning point.  Its HC is still in place but possibly is contemplating retirement in the near future.  Its QB has passed the normal retirement age for his position and actually has "retired" to Florida to play one more season.  And, now today, its "get away with everything" TE who did not play last season in favor of wrestling is suddenly reappearing to join his old QB buddy in Florida.


So, what is going on?

Did Belichick convince the owner that Brady and Gronk were past their prime and should both retire?

Is this supposed to be some kind of proof that both Belichick and Brady can be great separated?

Do Brady and Gronk plan this 2020 season to be proof that they are indeed superhuman outside of NE?

Did the NFL agree to make this some kind of farewell season for Brady and Gronk similar to Manning's in Denver?

Has the Super Bowl winner already been predetermined to be Tampa Bay with Brady/Gronk retiring shortly after?

Are we somehow going to have a Tampa Bay/New England Super Bowl magically come about-who would win?

Would the NFL even allow Brady to have a "bad" season given his marketing value and the possible harm to it?

If NE has survived scandals in the past, would it allow ex-players to show up its franchise elsewhere?

Why are Brady and Gronk really playing other than self-esteem-they have money, rings, HOF certainty?


As for the Falcons?

Will the NFL allow the Falcons to possibly "show up" Brady and Gronk and bring question to Super Bowl 51?

Have the Falcons already agreed to let Tampa Bay win its 2 games against us to set up the Brady/Gronk farewell tour?

Is the NFL actually in favor of NE and wanting the Falcons to beat "washed up" Brady and Gronk who did not retire when they should have?

Are the jobs of Quinn and NE-offspring TD safe in 2020 no matter what as it is already written for Brady/Gronk to win the NFC South?

Is the NFL on NE's side and actually going to help the Falcons with a great FA pickup late or draft day trade?


The NFL will be better once Brady and Gronk are gone and teams like the Falcons can play normally.

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They are going wild about Gronk here in Florida.  Its going to be a wild year.  Either the Falcons are going to Rise to the top.... or be bottom feeders.  Moving up in the draft sounds whimsical.  But is it going to cost us all our 1st and 2nd round draft pics into the foreseeable future?  LOL. And then I think TD and Quinn are steering the boat.... ohhhhh boy so much for my confidence.... haaaa

CONTINUITY!   That should be this years official sanctioned slogan. 

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Nothing the NFL does, will surprise me.. You can believe there will be a story, some first, and some impossible history involved... They will be mysteriously being talking about it, building it, way before it even happens. Got to lay that ground work, so everyone will understand it when it happens.. Even though there won't be the slightest hint of it happening at the point they start talking about it.

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