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Are you worried about having to deal with Gronk 2× a year?

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3 hours ago, athell said:

Witten is also 6 years older than Gronk and for as great as Witten is/was, he wasn't close to Gronk in terms of talent.

Fact is, Gronk + Howard is a significant upgrade over Brate + Howard.  I think people here need to not just dismiss these signings outright because they are the Bucs or because of their ages.  The Bucs had a legit top 10 defense last year, and their real only glaring issue was a QB who loved turning the ball over.  Bucs will be a problem this year and are instant favorites in the NFCS imo.

I'm afraid you're right. The Bucs were a problem with Crablegs; no doubt they were going to be a bigger problem with just Brady. Now Brady + Gronk escalates the problem by a factor of 10.

And of course the Saints are not going away either. Whatever team(s) make it out of the NFC South should feel pretty good about their chances to win the whole thing, provided they're not decimated with injuries. lol.

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That depends when we play them as Gronk has only finished a full season twice in his nfl career and that was his 1st 2 years in the league.  Ever since then he has missed quite a bit of action and avg's missing like 5 to 6 games a season.  So theirs a likely chance we might see him only once or no at all who knows lol.  Even if we do he might not be at full health any of the times.  Still i think we need a legit LB to go along with Debo to match up with him if we can get one in this draft.

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With all the stuff going on this offseason, him probably needing months in season to fully get back into playing shape and everybody in TB needing to learn the new Arians/Brady system, I'm not particularly worried.

We've seen how our offense can take the better part of a season or more to adjust to a new coordinator. I wouldn't put it past them to handle it better than we do but odds are they will have an adjustment period. Plus, Brady will get old eventually and Gronk retired for a reason.

You still have to respect them but the assumptions you have to make to say they will be great this year are starting to pile up.

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