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TD : "We have a handful of guys that we think could be there at 16"

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TD and DQ did a video conference with the media and Jason Butt of the Athletic asked TD if he knew who he was going to take with the first pick. 

Exact quote from TD: "Honestly, honestly...We have a handful of guys that we think could be there at 16 that we really like. Do we have our preference? No question about it.

TD is normally pretty coy and general when he answers draft questions but I found his answer interesting and somewhat more specific than usual. Video below starts at Jason Butt's question...


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55 minutes ago, Boise Falcon Fan said:

I wholeheartedly believe that TD knows who he wants, and it isn't even close in his mind. He has a definite guy he wants, and I think he is going to do everything he can, within reason, to get that guy.  I think it is Okudah.

Him mentioning there's a handful of guys at 16 he's eyeing pumped the brakes in my end we're doing a Julio type trade up. However, I do think he's hoping one of Simmons, Okudah or Brown drop to a desirable spot. If I was TD, I still wouldn't trade into the top ten though.

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