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Who do you is the most overrated player in this year's draft class and you hope the Falcons avoid drafting or trading up for him?

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An anonymous NFL executive in personnel told the Athletic's Bob McGinn that Clemson LB Isaiah Simmons is "the most overrated player in the draft."

NFL coaches and general managers prefer certitude, and that's nearly impossible to come by as it pertains to Simmons' role. In a poll of 16 executives asking what they thought his best position would be in the NFL, 10 replied weak-side linebacker, three said nickel linebacker, one said outside linebacker and two said safety. “If you put this guy at sam linebacker only, he’s going to struggle,” said an AFC executive. “If you put him at free safety only, he’s going to struggle. You’ve got to be creative." A two-year starting hybrid specialist who earned the 2019 **** Butkus Award as the nation’s top linebacker, Simmons played snaps at linebacker, safety, and nickel corner in college, allowing merely 5.6 yards per target given his elite sideline-to-sideline coverage skills. It would be wise for front offices to avoid pigeonholing him into any type of role, instead allowing him to roam free and naturally create plays at the next level.

SOURCE: The Athletic
Apr 21, 2020, 9:04 AM ET


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34 minutes ago, Refried Beans said:

Man, yall crazy Kinlaw is a 6'6 310 pound freak like Julius Peppers type players. Put him next to Grady Jarrett and the Falcons D-line would be **** on earth. What's the old saying? You cant teach size. Herbert will be a flop QB. Falcons need to stay put aint nobody in this draft worth moving up for. 


You got me thinking Kinlaw is. Lol

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Hard to say.  I don't like guys that come out of nowhere.  Simmons and Chaisson were not household names in 2018.  Now all of a sudden they are top 15 picks.  They are great athletes for their positions.  Simmons is a rare athlete, period, regardless of position.  Not to say that I don't want to see good things happen for them.  It worries me when there is no consistency.  Of course it could be that they are late bloomers.  Its a high risk/ high reward situation.

In 1993 there had not been too many safeties like Patrick Bates.  6'4'', 220 or so pounds, 4.4 from Texas A&M.  All the physical gifts, and a pretty good Aggie career.  For whatever reason, it didn't translate.  Picked 12th overall by the Raiders and eventually traded to Atlanta.  I was a fan of his in college so when he became a Falcons that was music to my ears.  It didn't last long.

While there is something to be said for those "rare athletes" with rare athletics gifts, speed included.  You have to put it with the production.  Can't get too high over what numbers a guy puts up.  The NFL has to be careful not to become a victim of its own hype.

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