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4 minutes ago, Dem Birds said:

We just don't see this as often because teams don't play us like this very much because of Julio. That's why most of Matt's bombs over the last few years have been when Julio isn't on the field to guys like Zaccheaus and Marvin Hall. 

Yup, also why Matt has such a high completion % and checks down to Hooper, Sanu, Gonzalez, etc. Some folks will never understand the impact of Julio 

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39 minutes ago, joeyg2033 said:

55, not 65 yards. Rodgers can throw 55 off the wrong foot... and left-handed. 

Here he is in the QB Deep Ball Challenge.  He throws it 62 yards while slipping and  without really stepping into the throw

Here is Rodgers in the same competition.  A whopping 2 yards further


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Excerpt from http://www.nfl.com/combine/profiles/matt-ryan?id=310

Negatives: Lacks the arm strength to challenge the deep secondary, as his long throws tend to flutter or hang up long enough for defenders to attack the ball in flight (see 2006 Brigham Young and Wake Forest contests and 2007 Massachusetts and Virginia Tech games)...Needs to do a better job of planting his feet to get more zip behind his long throws...Has inconsistent and adequate velocity when firing the ball deep...Weakest area of his game is exposed when he attempts to fire the deep ball, as the pass tends to lack accuracy...Runs too hot and cold when trying to air the ball out, as his long throws lack trajectory...Needs to improve timing on his deep throws, as he is very inconsistent hitting those targets coming out of cuts.

He's the best we've ever had, but noodle arm still fits.

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