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Name the player you think goes way earlier or later than expected


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Good posts guys.

going w Ashtyn Davis going earlier , mid/late round 1-2. 

my later than expected is Neville Gallimore, (some were saying as high as round 1 to DAL a bit ago) going round 3 after Madubuike and Blacklock, maybe after Davidson from Auburn too.

i have less confidence in where these tier 2-3 guys will go this year than ever I think.

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These sorts of polls are difficult to answer since my perception is different from yours and vice versa.

Like, I think Justin Herbert goes in the top 7. Is that in line with conventional wisdom? Maybe, maybe not.

I mentioned yesterday that some people have Jordyn Brooks as a fifth or sixth round pick. I expect him to go in the top 50, possibly even sneak into the first round.

Then, there are situations like Mekhi Beckton, where a guy fails a combine drug test and could slide. We also don't know any of the medicals, and that's a bigger flag this year than ever before. So, a guy like Josh Usche plays a scarce position but wasn't especially productive in college. Plus, he had injuries. He's the type of person who could slide, although I don't think he falls out of the top 75.

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