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Chris Simms top 5 safeties

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1 hour ago, Vandy said:

Agree with you on CB....

But there are several DTs that will go in Rd 2 who may end up better than Kinlaw.

Kinlaw is not the sure thing you guys are making him out to being. If he’s still there at 16 great, let’s take him. But I sure wouldn’t trade up for him.

I CAN AGREE WITH THAT...  I don't want to trade up either.. If he's gone I hope we trade down a few spots and take DT Ross Blacklock. and get an extra pick.. But I'd rather have Kinlaw, and if we can trade up and get him for what would be considered a good deal trade up.. I'd do that too....  I personally just do not want to trade up for a DB.. No way..

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12 hours ago, Jpg428gggg said:

I applaud Simms for doing his own research and not repeating what everyone else has said, but I can’t take him seriously with Delpit not in top 5 and Okudah not in top 2. 

As I said in another post, Simms goes out of his way to be contrarian (e.g. DeAndre Swift #5 RB, Jerry Jeudy not in top 5 WRs).  I doubt he even actually believes these rankings. 

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On 4/18/2020 at 7:10 AM, ZoneOne01 said:

Winfield’s tape is really good and fun to watch. I don’t care that he’s 5’9 but that’s the only reason he isn’t seen as a first rounder. If some team says screw it and takes him in the first, you can’t blame them.  


Tyrann Mathieu is also 5'9. That hasn't stopped him from being a 1st Team All-Pro safety.

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