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CB “Targets/In Coverage” Videos

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45 minutes ago, caponine said:

Henderson really has the makings of a shut down corner. He has so much potential. Look at how he plays the ball. On that pass near the goal line , he makes a great play to force the incompletion instead of the TD. Every player has things that they can work on. So thats not a knock anymore 

Based on these videos, I like CJ Henderson over Okudah.  Pretty clear that Okudah is a more willing tackler in the run game, but Henderson seems more "sticky" to me in coverage, even in off coverage he explodes to the ball when it's in the air and covers so much ground to contest the pass.

There is a huge drop off when looking at Fulton from Henderson's tape.

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I don’t see the enamoring with Henderson.  He does some things well.  I like that for the most part he stays in the vicinity of the receiver.  He doesn’t seem to panic when the ball is in the air either.  But there still is a lot left to desire.

Usually there’s a play or two where I’m impressed.  Doesn’t necessarily have to be a splash play.  I have yet to see it with Henderson. 

For example, the first play shown by Okudah is very impressive.  Shows sticky coverage, change of direction, and makes the play. 

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