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Option at Linebacker Logan Wilson

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From what I've seen of him, Wilson seems like a LB that can do everything.  Runs well, good tackler, can cover.  Not sure where he goes.  I honestly could see him going in round 2.  If you get to our pick in round 2 and Simmons, Murray, Baun and Queen are all gone, who is the next best LB?  Wilson or Harrison?  Personally, I like Wilson's ability and results in the passing game over his career.

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1 hour ago, D.B.N. said:

he’s from Wyoming so of course he will be overdrafted by TD 

Right he loves that region on the country. TD FYI the best football is played in the South. Im not saying we have to draft SEC and ACC, but that Mountain West has burned us on draft day:flush:

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I will say this too....Im not knocking the player...but level of competition has a factor in his plays...hes got great attributes, but how many plays would be off his stat sheet and highlight tape if it were agst higher level competition (ie faster players, better blockers, etc.)....

His peak draft round is Round 3 because of this b/c his performance is inflated due to lower level competition...

I think Wilson would be solid after a year, but I dont think he is an upgrade over Campbell....

Kenneth Murray is an upgrade over Campbell...

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32 minutes ago, vel said:

I'm a big fan. You can see his IQ on tape. That's what I like at LB. Smart players who can see the game. Makes up for a lot. 

Yep. Being smart & having great instincts is huge. It can often make a dude who ran a 4.63 & reacts almost instantly play noticeably faster than a guy who ran a 4.48, but takes half a second to process everything before he reacts.

He's also been a team captain for 3 years... which is something TD has mentioned several times in the past that they like in a prospect, because it shows leadership qualities.

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14 hours ago, Cole World said:

We had a virtual meeting with him.


He's one  where I can't get a feeling for what he'll look like in the NFL. He's smart. In his highlights you can see a bunch of plays he diagnosis prior to the snap and blows them up. In his game vids, there's  a lot of moving in the right direction but not being fast enough or powerful enough to stop the play. 

Sense his playing speed isn't that fast, I see him as an MLB only and I think we can do better at MLB.

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