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He made 15 starts at RT his freshman year to garner freshman all American honors. 

He is a dominant run blocker but still has work to do in pass protection. I would have no problem putting him at left guard. He could be the next Zach Martin and have no future at tackle if successful enough. Your precious McGary remains at right tackle and we have the makings of a top tier offensive line. 

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God this board and its obsession to move players like its madden.

I could live with it.  Personally I would slide McGary inside and Matthews to RT

that’s why i was saying play Thomas at LG his rookie year. Matthews/Thomas/Mack/Lindstrom/McGary is potentially dominant, and only if you were looking for cap relief next offseason would trading

On 4/10/2020 at 9:25 AM, Ovie_Lover said:


God this board and its obsession to move players like its madden.

Don’t get it either a guy like Matthews whose a proven pro LT to move him to the other side for a rook lol.Oh dear I wonder how our QB feels about that one hahaha.

Move McGary who had his moments at RT to G and LG at that lol yeah because there’s no learning curve swapping sides fark me I’m telling I swear sabotage  exists on TATF.

Its a name game it has to be one guy a line doesn’t make.They have to play better as a group that’s the key more so than just plugging guys in here and there.

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