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This dude spent 300 days by himself on the uninhabited island of Tofua in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, which has an active volcano on it & little else. He took nothing but a first aid kit, Swiss Army knife, a machete, as well as a satellite phone for emergencies, and a solar panel to charge the batteries for the camera he used to document the whole thing. It's pretty fascinating to watch him have to figure out how to build shelter, find & preserve food, etc. with next to nothing & seemingly no real formal training.

Interesting tidbits about the island:

The island is about 35 miles from where the Mutiny on the Bounty took place in 1789. It's the first island Captain Bligh reached after he & 18 members of his crew were kicked off the HMS Bounty & forced to navigate the ocean w/ no maps or charts (forcing Bligh to navigate by memory) in a small, overcrowded, open launch boat (basically an open-top life boat built back in the 1700's). They reached Tofua & lived in a cave for a while, before making their way to other islands. Remarkably, they only suffered one casualty during their epic 41-day journey... a crew member who was stoned to death by the natives of Tofua.

During WWII, the SS Phoebe A. Hurst was sunk by Japanese torpedos on April 30, 1943. A lifeboat carrying 23 survivors landed on Tofua & they spent about a week there, surviving on shellfish & coconuts until they were eventually spotted & rescued.

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