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2 hours ago, NightPain said:

I wonder what the armored version they’re showing the military looks like

I was thinking about the tactical uses for something like that. If they can make the most important areas bulletproof, they can walk into the line of fire and either lay cover or assail the target. Would need a sturdier base to keep the feet from being shot out from underneath, though.

Regardless, the future is here.

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1 hour ago, NewFalcon said:

May be an image of text that says '"Honey, come look! I've found some information all the world's top scientists and doctors missed."'

That's my cousin Jodi. Ran me off of Facebook with all of her anti-vaxxer/anti-mask trolling. Once, she put up a YouTube video from some doctor who had "absolutely proven that masks don't work against COVID-19" but was silenced and shut out from the medical community for having the guts to tell the truth.

Turns out, about 10 years ago the doctor made some great medical discovery that nobody could replicate. She wouldn't retract her paper and was shunned as irresponsible by the research community. To top it off, she was found guilty of burglary for breaking into another scientist's office.

My cousin got angry when I told her that there were literally dozens of reputable scientists who attested to the veracity of masks as a mitigator against the virus and she found one who disputed it. And THAT was the one that she was hanging her hat on to prove her case?

I was already thinking about taking a break from my FB page thanks to silly season but she all but made me delete it.

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3 minutes ago, biloxifalcon said:

Holy crap!!! She actually lived thru that!?!?!?!  Seatbelts and air bags ftw! That car actually went airborne, did a ******* 360 between the pumps when it landed, she gets out and walks away! Yea, God is good!

And she could have pole axed either of two pumps. Knocking them over and causing a spark could have resulted in a truly horrible outcome. And I agree: God is good.

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