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Ghost Of The Best Thing On The Internet Thread™

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5 hours ago, The Great American said:

A true Great American.   Love the guy!!!  

Not just you either. The left has really come around on Dubya.  They usually do when they've been out of office for a while. That will be interesting to see in another 4 years when Trump is done with his 2nd term. 

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41 minutes ago, The Great American said:

[Image: 122146480_10217162062588518_400329140241...e=5FB18D25]

I love these optical illusions. It's crazy sometimes how I struggle to get it, but once I do I can't un-see it. That bag of popcorn for instance.. it took me about 5 seconds of staring to wrap my brain around it and I already KNEW there was a bag of popcorn there. Once my brain flipped though.. I can look away from the picture and come back later and instantly see the bag.

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