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I like them. I guess I'll be in the minority lol.

Ewww those are terrible , all this hype for that ?? I was hoping they came harder, my problem was actually having faith they could do something right for a change 

Man a lot of you just complain to complain.  I was fine with the last uni and I’m fine with these 

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Well, the Falcons managed to come up with the most loathsome idea, which is, and always has been, color-over-same-color. 

The white-on-white is the only one that (just barely) doesn't make me sick to look at, and the black-on-black is putrid.  I'm not even going to waste time critiquing that red dripping melting one. 

We've had several really good looking uniforms over the franchise's history; all they had to do was pick a couple of those, then tweak them a little with new logos or striping.  They obviously don't do much in the way of focus grouping, unless the group is composed of middle school students or something.  

After all this time...what they came up with...I can't figure out who their target market is with this, other than perhaps the visually impaired.  


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7 minutes ago, Artys Arryn said:

Matte black helmet with all black jerseys at home? Love it. Gotta figure out which jersey I'm gonna buy first. Thinking about a Grady home jersey.

Same way I feel. I have wanted black on black for a while now. Toss in the matte helmets and I love it. I can’t believe the hate they are getting. Wtf did every one want ?

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