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7 hours ago, Ghosts of Glanville said:

My reaction?   Meh.  

They’re not great, but not bad, and the return to black jerseys is what I was hoping for.   My only complaints are the all-black/all-white, which looks cheap, and the tacky number font that reminds me of something the Buccaneers would do.  
The helmets are sharp and the two-color alternates look good.  
Overall it’s an ok, average design-by-committee product, like the team.  So I guess it fits

Good post.

All they had to do was grey/silver pants.

We tried too hard and missed it. Looks like we want to copy the Saints all white uni or something. It’s clean but it’s bland as well.

The concept the person on twitter made to change the pants is so much better.

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1 hour ago, Schwarzwald said:

Someone removed “ATL” and then also changed the outline in photo 2:




Love the whites if they lose strip on jersey and added striped socks.  That all black and gradient are ridiculous though.  

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How long does the team have to wait to make simple changes like number font and outlines? removal of the ATL and replace with a small "ATLANTA"? You seee its on the inside of the collar? Who sees that?

  Hopefully not 5 years. These are so close to be REALLY good. Just needs some tweaks.

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7 minutes ago, D.B.N. said:

What if this is one big troll and they drop something else 4.14 lol

Was thinking the same, but I doubt it.  The entire jersey and roll out is definitely not a troll.  Stuff like this takes time and more importantly money.

But I think I recall them saying they had 8 concepts but the only have shown 7.

maybe, just maybe they’re holding out the gray pants??? Doubtful, but a guy can wish.

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32 minutes ago, wartownfalcon said:

the 2 in the date looks nothing like the 2 on the jersey...so I’m still saying they trolled us

Are y’all like this in real life? 

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1 hour ago, JD dirtybird21 said:

Yes. But I actually think the Jets new uniforms are pretty bad.

When was the last time a team unveiled new uniforms and the public reaction was mostly positive? 

As far as Atlanta teams, the Braves in the mid-80s and the Falcons in 1990.

Talking about major changes, not tweaks.

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12 minutes ago, thomass said:

We’re not the falcons anymore.  We’re the mean machine. 

Exactly!!!  Unless they make white pants part of our home primary were a joke....that’s our only hope to have some semblance of a real NFL home uni.  Sucks that LI wasn’t enough now we have to endure our opponents jokes over what shb a very easy score w new uniforms.  I know some want black on black but it’s a novelty not a primary. No other nfl team has that as their home primary.  Just so falconesque if you go back thru our history.  We underdo, we overdo but never get it right........this was so easy a diseased animal could’ve gotten it right!!!!!  

instead......”mean machine.....mean machine....mean machine”.....may as well pipe that **** in their while they’re at it.....ughhh

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