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I like them. I guess I'll be in the minority lol.

Ewww those are terrible , all this hype for that ?? I was hoping they came harder, my problem was actually having faith they could do something right for a change 

Man a lot of you just complain to complain.  I was fine with the last uni and I’m fine with these 

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42 minutes ago, Schwarzwald said:

They could just ditch the red pants on the aways (I liked them at first but it has a black stripe yet jersey has red one :ninja:


...keep the sock options flexible and add a red helmet alternate too?

Good news is the gradient is literally just for “color rush” purposes.

i hope this becomes a thing the next few years

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5 hours ago, ukfalc said:

We had the best unit in the league. These are a serious downgrade apart from the throwback and the helmet.

Ironically, the bucks unis yesterday look like they are based on the ones we’ve just replaced. They look much better than our new ones :-(

They literally just went back to the uniforms they had before their redesign. 

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8 minutes ago, Da D!rty D!rty said:

Man, it is so disappointing that they could have nailed it all had they even just threw in grey pants.

This x100.

I would have even went with like a kendall charcoal as a new color. Black helmet, black jersey, charcoal pants. Red alternate jersey, charcoal alternate jersey, black alternate pants.

tuh-duh. Would have felt new and paid homage to the old at the same time. Make the ATL on the chest way smaller and I would have even been okay with that.

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33 minutes ago, spanish_falcon said:

I know it won't happen. But I am a bit concerned that Julio is not part of the jersey roll out with the Draft the next week. We have seen Matt, Grady, Rico, Debo even Ridley, so it is weird not having him in any picture.

Hoping we do not pull out a Bill O´Brian lol

We won't 

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Honestly, the more I see them, the more I like them.

I will never get over the numbers from a conceptual standpoint, as I just think teams that feel the need to create a new font for new uniforms just dont get it. Classic fonts look great on jerseys. There is no need to do reinvent numbers just to stand out. You can do classic fonts with the same shadow effect and it would still go hard.  

Other than that, I can stand behind these. The helmets really set the whole thing off no matter what.

I also think some more sock styles will add to the look too.


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Honestly, some sizing on font or smaller details aside...if they had gray/grey pants instead of the random red one (why if gradient? Lol)...PLUS had an actual red helmet + made the red helmet w/ Original logo?

It’d be a Grandslam. Right now I like them but it could’ve been better. It’s like 80% the job.

Red helmet options on demand would be SICK with old school uni and the ability to use grey pants with away and home jersey options more seamlessly than red pants.

But seems like they opted for white > grey instead of > red.

I guess they don’t see the purpose between those two options is the only way I figure it. I can respect that part. Just...white pants still go with classic throwbacks and you could then use grey Base home and Road.

^ All of that said... New uniforms >>> Clown sleeves.

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