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2006 Falcons vs, Saints on ESPM Tonight


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5 hours ago, Mister pudding said:

Glad to see you get high off our misfortunes! 

Haha, I’m sure it’s the same for y’all with how much they replay the No Call, the Minneapolis Fluke, and last year’s debacles against the 49ers and Vikings.

This is honestly one of the few games they’ve replayed where we won (the other being the Brees passing Unitas game against the Chargers a few days ago). But other than that, it’s us getting **** on too.

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7 hours ago, Iron Saint said:

I’m ready! :lol:


But in all seriousness, as someone that was in there, the feeling in that building that night was simply indescribable. It’s a feeling that I can’t put into words and I haven’t ever felt before or since 9/25/2006. And that’s including our Super Bowl because honestly, it was better. There’s a dopamine high from just thinking about it.

I hate you...don’t justify that pile of **** that y’all call a football game. Nope. 

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