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The Steely Dan Appreciation Thread

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Just now, The Monarch said:


Sticking it to DeSantis is honestly one of the only reasons I'm excited to vote for Biden here. **** that guy.

Georgia and Florida's stolen governor elections have had a shockingly profound impact on society due to the pandemic.

I cracked up at the NYT correction that the lying guy who they spoke with is on Kemp's election integrity board. Of COURSE he is.

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50 minutes ago, achilles return said:

if trump loses you're basically going to be a magical unicorn for every post-election thinkpiece trump obituary

journalists from across the country are going to be making pilgrimages to your door like the three wise men 

"who is this man?"

"what does he want?"

Hahaha well if they come to me they will probably just stop me mid sentence and say good things aren’t possible. I was pretty upfront about regretting my vote in 2016 and wishing I had just left it blank, but I also own it. And I have zero faith or expectations for Biden, it was purely a vote against Trump. I voted for Bernie in the primary. 

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36 minutes ago, falconsd56 said:

How are the people in your area liking Desantis?


Just depends. Kind of like being in Atlanta, I'm mostly in a blue-ish island in a sea of red, and the majority of people I know here all hate him. Most people were so relieved to be rid of Scott, and DeSantis started out kind of reasonable for like 3 months, so it took awhile for that hate to build. But now, most are just grossed out by him. His COVID handling has really upset many people who were actually giving him a bit of a chance.

But the people I generally talk to are obviously not representative. I also know tons of hyper-conservative lawyers, and they love him, love what he's done with the courts here, etc., and I haven't heard any pushback regarding covid (for the same reason those people don't seem to mind what Trump's done on covid). So who the **** knows.

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I think for a lot of people who support Trump it has more to do with how openly nasty he is willing to be with Democrats than anything else. So many people on the right have been pumped full of fear mongering and talk radio **** about how progressives want to destroy the country. A lot of them see anyone on the left as morons and dangerous enemies of the state. 

15 minutes ago, jidady said:

NOW we're talking!


Lmao now Trump wants to vote for Biden

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