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Mr. Hoopah!

The J*zzlaine Maxwell Arkancide Watch Thread

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1 hour ago, Herr Beast said:

So here are the numbers for you, who still think Germany is a place, where everything is magically free.

I make around 72k € a year, so roughly $80k

Mandatory taxes:

- 18,000 income tax

- 1,000 solidarity tax (for the still lagging behind East of Germany)

- 5,000 for health insurance (my employer has to pay 5,000 as well for me)

- 1,000 elderly care insurance

- 7,500 pension

- 1000 unemployment insurance

- not listed: church tax (not kidding, mandatory if you are registered with a church) because I left the church so I don‘t have to pay for it

So I am down to roughly 46,500 from 80,000

Energy, mentioned $5.6 for gas and $0.33 electricity kw/h apply as well as mandatory car insurance. All in all I would say energy, car related mandatory stuff et al costs me 6,500 a year

So still I have nothing yet to show for and I am down to 40k from 80k.

And now comes the cruel part, everything I know buy, electronics, clothing, food etc has the insane VAT of 19%. So if I were to spend the 40k on stuff I really need or want, we can roughly say goodbye to 7,500 for the VAT

I stop here because there are many more smaller but equally ridiculous mandatory fees (like paying a TV tax, roughly 200 bucks a year... which you even have to pay if you don‘t own a TV) but I fear people would stop believing it.

Not even mentioned: Housing or renting costs, I don‘t own a house (most Germans don‘t, I think you start to get the idea why), so say goodbye to whatever you would imagine that would cost you.

Anyway, those taxes, those fees and those sales taxes, they are all going to the federal budget to finance the perks we have. 

But if anyone still says the word „free“ than you know he is lying through his teeth.

But then you look at median income for Germany vs the US and it easily more than balances out. Also rated higher for schooling, quality of living, renewable energy, you name it

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42 minutes ago, Godzilla1985 said:

Yeah my best friend is a software engineer (buddies from middle school all the way to Tech). Guy is the most brilliant person I know. When he got out in 98 he did gaming and it was very volatile.  Guy has started several companies and follows the trends. Does legal software I think. Dude is a millionaire.

so you don't support tax payer-backed tuition for higher education? We presently have a system in place: federal loans, federal grants, state grants, scholarship programs, etc. I think people who back 100% tuition argue that this helps everyone. 

At one point in history, people argued against government student loans and grants. Many, many degreed individuals wouldn't have their degrees and have go on to lucrative careers in engineering, law, medicine, and education without these social programs in place. Some would even be discouraged from ever attending an IHL.

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13 minutes ago, lostone said:

More examples of our failed education system 


My wife has a public school educator for close to 20 years. The education system in our country is extremely lacking and sub-par. 

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7 hours ago, bdog 29 said:

This post shows you're completely out of touch with the realities of paying for college, which is crazy considering that you're helping pay for your kids.

First of all, the 13 years of free education do not in any way shape or form qualify you for a well paying job. Name me one job you can get straight out of high school that pays over $45K. The only one I can think of off the top of my head is a police officer and we see how that's turned out for us. A good factory job might pay you $15 an hour but that's just over $30K. Even "blue collar" jobs like plumbing require you to pay for technical school. A high school diploma is practically worthless.

College is absolutely a necessity nowadays to get a good paying job. We can argue whether that's right or wrong but I think we have to acknowledge that fact to be on the same page.

And what "sources of money" are out there for an 18 year old to earn the $30K to pay for school? You said they have to do the footwork so I'm assuming you're not talking about loans since that's pretty easy to get. So please, list out the various ways kids can get college for tuition.

Our head custodians start out at 40k, plus benefits. 

FISA, Pell Grant, and scholarships.  1000's of scholarships available if you do your research. 

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1 hour ago, Boner said:

I know this is really hard to comprehend, but you aren't a freeloader when you pay into the system.  Maybe you got carbon monoxide poisoning when you lived in your 4 wheel dorm, I don't know.  I don't know how anyone can go to college and come out and call this a "free ride".  It's as if you don't know how anything works.  Still, I will try to break this down for you...

The government takes our tax dollars

It allocates a portion of it towards higher education so everyone in the country has access to higher education

People then go to those institutions of higher education

Because they are educated, our economy prospers and we remain competitive in the global marketplace

They then put even more money back into the system in the form of taxes


So who, exactly, are these mythical freeloaders you are talking about? 



When you don’t pay for something it is a free ride you little pus bag.  It’s just another excuse raises taxes to fund another doom government entitlement program. Brilliant!


1 hour ago, Boner said:

Dave, we should build a bridge across the valley.  We have to go over there once a month to stock up on food.  It would be easier for all of us if we had a bridge.

Shut the **** up, Steve.  I had to hike 50 miles north and crawl through broken glass, so everyone else has to, too.

This country is so unbelievably stupid. 

Oh yeah let’s just give everyone anything they want for free.  No need to worry about how we’ll pay for it that’s other peoples problems.  Instilling hard work and appreciation of self sacrifice to achieve a goal?  Blasphemy!!!  I want free stuff!  This country is unbelievably lazy.

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1 hour ago, Francis York Morgan said:

But then you look at median income for Germany vs the US and it easily more than balances out. Also rated higher for schooling, quality of living, renewable energy, you name it

I know and it is a good thing. But honestly do you believe that it is even remotely possible to have this kind of taxation and distribution system in the US? And could it even work?

Because what it mostly needs is a steady, well respected, well educated and well paid public service. There is a gigantic difference in mentality there between Europe and the US. It is quite a dramatic cultural difference.

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Anyway, anyone from the US is welcome to study in Germany. If you come or not, everything is already paid for anyway. We even have many universities offering bachelor and masters degrees completely in English. But learning (some) German is highly recommended and actually a must in reality.

Biggest problem right now is getting into German as an American. Not going to happen unless the US finally gets a firm grip on the virus.

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7 hours ago, Big_Dog said:

If if's fact checked and found to be true, Trump needs to resign and you will be the disgrace of ABF which you are already pretty close already. In the meantime crawl back in your troll hole.

IF... the story of your TDS life,Grampie. :lol:

7 hours ago, Charles Wright said:

 What a profusely arrogant statement! The pandemic has brought us disease, the economics of it are a by product. This too shall pass and we have a Proven plan at hand to recover greatly. 

He didn't tell you its affecting everyone's economic position. "They" like to leave the facts out all the time...for the agenda you know. 

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