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Mr. Hoopah!

The J*zzlaine Maxwell Arkancide Watch Thread

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40 minutes ago, Mr. Hoopah! said:



So I have to wonder why he was the only one who was assigned the garage with a pull rope fashioned like a noose. I would think if this was a normal thing one of the other drivers would have stepped up and said something... That's a lot of doors and only one noose??? I call BS!

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Reading people fawn over kamala Harris is so awful.  They are going to call me Misogynist  for not liking the fact that she was fine with prisoners being used like slave labor or her prosecution record.  Nm the fact that I like “the squad”, nm the fact that I’d vote for Barbra lee in a heart beat, nope, I’m misogynistic 

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1 minute ago, AF89 said:

You mean we should be wary about the long term interests of a bunch of George Conway republicans who helped sell Iraq? Well if can't trust them Drake who can we?

Obviously, the answer to that is the democrats that voted in favor of the Iraq war.

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