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The Joe Biden Presidency Thread

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35 minutes ago, Statick said:

So, uh, when does this mother f'n thread officially shut down?


30 minutes ago, lostone said:

I think we should let @Mr. Hoopah!do the honors.  He keeps the titles interesting 


The best argument for a new thread is to make it less likely this thread gets nuked, preserving it for posterity. On the other hand, what in it is really worth preserving?

Either way, agreed that @Mr. Hoopah! should do the honors.

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  • Mr. Hoopah! changed the title to The Joe Biden Presidency Thread
11 minutes ago, Gritzblitz 2.0 said:

The only question is how much shame and embarrassment is @JDaveG's district willing to endure for the sake of this woman? 

A lot, I fear.  The wingnuttery that has come out since November has been astonishing, to say the least.  Fortunately, most of it from outside Republican Party operatives, but certainly all of it from Republican voters in the district.  The good news is it isn't particularly widespread.  The bad news is even the ones who aren't wing nuts tend to align behind this lunatic's antics.

My wife is straight clowning her on her FB page though. She had gone on her campaign page and politely asked "why are you running in the 14th District when you don't live here?"  She was blocked from the site and several of MTG's surrogates followed my wife around attacking her for months.  So now, my wife is going on her page and rattling the cage, and she punctuates every comment with "you can't block me now....."

It's really childish, and also hilarious.  

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