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The Joe Biden Presidency Thread

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Seems like rescuing dogs during lockdown is a thing around here. It happened to us this past week. This guy wandered up dirty and skinny, playing with my daughter in the front yard. After a few days o

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2 hours ago, Sn4ttBack said:

I'm thinking Trump has some "loose ends" he needs to get finished for his foreign partners (no this is not a conspiracy), and it will be much easier with sock puppets in place. For example, Esper didn't want to withdraw from Afghanistan from what I read, ergo his resignation. So who benefits from  withdrawing from Afghanistan? Not Trump, he's going to be replaced in January. The US People? Probably, unless Afghanistan becomes another training ground for terrorists (idk the likelihood but it's not zero). Who else benefits? Anyone else that's in the region and doesn't want to deal with US troops. You tell me.

Well he promised he would bring the troops home and end our involvement in middle eastern affairs and all he did was:

  • Assassinate an Iranian general
  • Drop a ton of bombs with drones
  • Sell a ton of weapons to Saudi Arabia and UAE for genocide and civil war in Yemen
  • Wait until mid October 2020 to use "bringing home the troops" as a tent pole for his re-election campaign.

Who benefits from it? I don't know. Surely none of us do.

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If you're feeling uneasy and need to be comforted about what looks to be an authoritian power grab of the presidency.  Please remember that just a few months ago the president had peaceful protesters gassed and beat, by police.  Please remember that the group in DC also featured a foreign journalist that was assaulted on camera, by police.  Please remember the police viciously assualted an elderly man, then the president defended them and demonized an man who spent time in the hospital after his beating.  Remember that all of this was looked over just a few weeks after a black man was murdered on camera, by police.  

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I think I can tell how I've actually changed during this presidency.



What the **** is happening here? Is this dude planning a coup? Firing almost all of the civilian leadership at the DOD!!!!





Oh wait.......it just looks like he's probably trying to cover up criminal behavior that happened under his administration?


Whooo......disaster averted.

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