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The Joe Biden Presidency Thread

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7 minutes ago, Ovie_Lover said:

What’s he saying I’m at work 

He came in kind of hard and heavy with "i'm being cheated in this election", and there was a couple of seconds where it seemed like he was about to send in troops or do something super crazy. But then he just whined for 10 minutes. Also, it was at the White House podium with the White House Seal in the background -- that part was kind of nuts too.

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3 minutes ago, Sun Tzu 7 said:

It's times like this I seriously miss John McCain.

He would have NEVER have stood silently by while a President said anything like this.

EDIT: I take it back, not gonna excuse **** with exceptionally ****tier

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2 minutes ago, lostone said:

This thread is fire!!!

Exit polling probably 

Theres a famous statline from the last election that showed Trump winning 52,% of white women that turnt out to be off when they finally sa down and crunched the numbers it ended up being like 47 to 48%

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7 hours ago, Jdrizzle said:

How weird can he make this for the GOP? If he refuses to accept the results and says all kinds of crazy **** like he's prone to doing it seems like it would get really weird for them.



So apparently the answer to my question from earlier here is really really ******* weird and he's just getting started. 

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2 hours ago, bdog 29 said:

This hits at what I've been thinking of in relation to the runoff. @JDaveG mentioned the 08 runoff after Obama's election and how Dems don't typically show up like that for runoffs and while that's true, I don't think it can be overstated how much the Trump effect led to the turnout we saw on Tuesday for the GOP.

Right now the GOP is in a hard position. Trump looks like he's going to lose by a wide enough margin that the SCOTUS won't be able to intervene. But his supporters think Biden is only winning through rampant voter fraud. The GOP leadership knows this is BS and are probably ready to let Trump go because they got their judges and kept the Senate but if they don't put up a fight a lot of their supporters will abandon them.

Unfortunately absent of straight up invalidating the election and making Trump God-Emperor for life, Trump supporters won't find anything they do good enough. I expect there to be strong blowback against them if Trump loses. Enough to lead to a Dem Senate? Idk, but there is a lot of rage fermenting across a large portion of the base that an election is being plainly stolen and the powers-that-be are doing nothing about it. They're not going to come out to give those powers-that-be more power.

There it is. I've seen this exact same sentiment in other places of the right wing cesspool. If Trump refuses to go quietly into the night, Republicans have quite the situation on their hands.

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