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The Joe Biden Presidency Thread

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Seems like rescuing dogs during lockdown is a thing around here. It happened to us this past week. This guy wandered up dirty and skinny, playing with my daughter in the front yard. After a few days o

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2 minutes ago, Francis York Morgan said:

Looks fine to me. But then again, my map doesn't have any likely surprises right now in Trump's favor. Looks better than expected for Biden tbh


I'd swap NC and maybe Arizona

If Biden holds on to Ohio kudos to you for calling it. 

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Just now, WhenFalconsWin said:

I might argue that, it's 400 horses, 10 speed transmission, tows 5600 pounds. Rides like a dream, plenty of power and smooth.  Oh, and I'm averaging 22.3 mpg.  What would you do with the V8 except maybe tow more?

Smoother, sounds better!  Word is, Ford is coming out with a 6.8L Godzilla derivative  engine that might find it's way under the hood of some offerings

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Just now, achilles return said:

lmao if you're trying to sleep tonight

Sleep meaning that because of what's ahead tomorrow, stress is going to wake me up between 3 and 4 no matter when I actually fall asleep. So if I let this keep me up until midnight, I will be going into a huge situation tomorrow on like 2+ hours of sleep (with another, slightly smaller work crisis on Thursday I'll have to instantly turn to as soon as I finish tomorrow mornign). As much as I can pull it together, that's not a good outcome.


******* hate this schedule.

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