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The Joe Biden Presidency Thread

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15 minutes ago, Mr. Hoopah! said:


It is important to note that Mrs. HolyMoses has been rejected for every private sector (and a few public sector) job she has applied to since filing her Whistleblower Lawsuit against the State Ethics commission (which, of course, she won.)  Prior to that, she jumped from job to job at HER whim.  She was always in demand.  Her experience is typical of whistleblowers, even "successful" ones.  Businesses don't want them.

Whistleblowers need all the protection they can possibly get.  The thumb is so far on the scale stacked against them and their voices are critical to the functioning of Democracy.

**** Trump, Deal, Randy Evans, and anyone else who calls a whistleblower "disgruntled."


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15 minutes ago, WhenFalconsWin said:

So with all this she-it you just posted here it sounds like you got Biden winning because of the "spite vote" excuse me for several minutes while I lol

Going all-in isn't the same thing as being confident you have the best hand.

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54 minutes ago, HolyMoses said:

Holy ****:

Miami-Dade County was 63.2-33.8 for Clinton:  624,000-334,000.  

Trump won Florida by 113,000 votes.

I did a little math.  If EVERYTHING ELSE in Florida is exactly the same (turnout and % for D's and R's) the increased turnout in Miami Dade County alone would close that gap by 75%.

Biden is going to win Florida.

Wrong, as you usually are.  Trump turnout has already surpassed his 2016 turnout. RED WAVE



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Forgot to share this morning, on the way to work I saw a woman walking two black labs by the park, and one of them was taking a grumper as I was driving by. It finished, and then it and the the other one both sat like good boys/girls while the mom looked nervous to pick up the La-Z-Boy sized load it dropped.

I feel like that was a good omen for tonight.

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