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The Joe Biden Presidency Thread

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2 hours ago, eatcorn said:

I don't really recall this sentiment. Mind refreshing my memory? Do you mean Bill Clinton should have resigned because of the accusations against him?

Yes. Implying that they would have supported his resignation now that we’re so much more enlightened than we were in the late 1990s. Op eds were even written about it. 

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Granted, these are in the greater context of the nascent #MeToo movement, but that was probably the most common retort I heard from my friends during the Kavanaugh hearings as well. I heard it from television personalities as well. (most of my Democrat friends aren’t exactly free thinkers when it comes to partisanship, something I could also say of most of my Republican friends). It was the excuse de jour. Of course, I knew it was bull**** then. 

They knew it too. 

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15 minutes ago, JDaveG said:

For example, Matthew Yglesias then. 


Matthew Yglesias now:




I just want to point out that Matt is actually defending Reade in that 2nd tweet. Biden earlier today used the absence of complaints of the assault allegation as evidence it didn't happen.  Matt is pointing out that Reade herself has already said she didn't file a complaint of assault, so of course it wouldn't exist. 


She also said that at the time of the incident, she filed a formal complaint through a Senate personnel office. In it, she said, she complained of harassment but didn't allege an assault.


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4 minutes ago, Big_Dog said:

If Trump should win a second term, rather than living thru any more of his BS, I will move to Canada.

If I didn't have my parents still around (thank you, Lord), I'm 100% sure my wife and I would have moved there already.

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11 minutes ago, Psychic Gibbon said:

They had their chance after Nevada until the party elite engineered a coalescing around Biden following South Carolina. Now that ship has sailed.

Nah. Pete and Amy weren't going to get black voters to come out and we both know that. If Kamala had Pete's support in IA/NH, the call would have been made for Biden to drop out instead of Pete/Amy. She would have been the person that they rallied around. As soon as Pete and Amy started to rise, it was obvious that only Bernie and Biden would be able to win outright. Pete and Amy's only chance of winning the nomination was at a contested convention and Bernie killed that with his declaration that the plurality winner of delegates should be the nom in that situation. 

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