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The Joe Biden Presidency Thread

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Seems like rescuing dogs during lockdown is a thing around here. It happened to us this past week. This guy wandered up dirty and skinny, playing with my daughter in the front yard. After a few days o

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1 hour ago, lostone said:

Y’all, I messed up working out today.  So I have been doing the stationery bike for a few months and hadn’t ran since early august.  I decided let’s do a 45 min run.  3 minutes in my back starts hurting 20 minutes in, my legs are on fire and back is dying.  Y’all my legs feels like I did a CrossFit workout and I’m dying

Were you running some hills? Never had my legs burning from running unless I'm going up some serious inclines.

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I look at the Braves and I see management that's entirely confident in their direction, if not because everything works out then because they have an incredible core and management's always ready to improvise when they need to. I look at the Falcons and I see a team trying to recreate something from the past that somehow always finds itself unable to engage the present in anything but the most passive terms. The onside kick, the defense that only knows how to play on its heels in the 2nd half, the 4th down screw-ups in week 1, they look like they don't know how to finish a play or a game because the 2016 team never figured it out.

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6 hours ago, AF89 said:

Braves win again and Saints on the ropes on MNF. Imagine how great these past 30 hours would be if only THE FALCONS PICKED UP THE **** BALL

Please, we will probably end up 6-10 this season finally ousting Quinn. It doesn't matter what the other teams do in our division because suck a high hard one on defense and we still cannot run the ball effectively, especially on 4rd and 4th and short. If we had a running game we could've put that game away easily when we were up 29-10. 

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