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The Joe Biden Presidency Thread

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Seems like rescuing dogs during lockdown is a thing around here. It happened to us this past week. This guy wandered up dirty and skinny, playing with my daughter in the front yard. After a few days o

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1 hour ago, GEORGIAfan said:



Panthers fans:


Belichek is getting the most out of Cams tools but i still think Stidham or whoever is thier backup probably going to be the starter by week 9 or 10ish after Cam hurts himself running these redzone packages

The best thing for them would be if he got them off to a good record then he gets shut down for awhile for whatever reason but returned just before the playoffs

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4 hours ago, WhenFalconsWin said:

@Big_Dog your boy says by the time he finishes his speech 200 million people will die. Get him help now.


And he will do away with all police departments, eliminate social security, let gangs move into suburban neighborhoods to put women at high risk, plus a plethora of BS that Trump is pushing. If one bit of it was fact I would judt not vote. And if Moscow Mitch happened to be a on ventilator and I was nearby, I would unplug it just to charge my iPhone. :ninja:

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