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The James Caan Appreciation Thread

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Seems like rescuing dogs during lockdown is a thing around here. It happened to us this past week. This guy wandered up dirty and skinny, playing with my daughter in the front yard. After a few days o

Heartless *******   

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2 minutes ago, WhenFalconsWin said:

Dayum if you do dayum if you don't. Look for a strong comeback faster than most think.  Mid-summer may be too optimistic, but watch record markets/economy come before fall start...I know, for posterity. 

I recall a certain someone saying that everything would be better than before by July 4th.

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1 minute ago, WhenFalconsWin said:

I just got back from the grocery store a few minutes ago, and everyone in the store except for WFW and one other lady had masks and gloves on. People looked at me like I was a leper. :ninja:

You are asking for catching the virus. :argh: No wonder they stared cross eyed. :doh:

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