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Last Mock Draft

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Even if they dont trade the recently tagged Matt Judon, the Ravens need a top level pass rusher off the edge, and Chaisson would be the perfect OLB to add off the edge for the Ravens. Chaisson has exactly what the Ravens look for on, and off, the field. The Falcons, who could use some extra picks, trade back so the Ravens can snag Chaisson at 16, while the Falcons drop back and also pick up the Ravens 2nd round pick.

1) Jaylon Johnson CB Utah - Not only do I love Johnson as a prospect, but he has the skills and mentality to become a high end CB1 in the league. With all the QB and WR talent in the NFC South, the Falcons could use another highly talented CB to join the CB group of Sheffield, Oliver, Miller, and Wreh-Wilson. Johnson is tremendous in coverage, and sticks to opposing WR like glue. He stands at 6'1", and has the size and athleticism to make plays from Day 1. I think Johnson could very well end up being the top CB from this entire draft in 3 years.

2) Marlon Davidson DT/DE Auburn - In Davidsom we get a smart, effective, strong, and versatile DE that can line up anywhere on the DL. He could line up as a DE on some run downs, and can give us some extra juice from the interior on pass downs. Davidson was the starting DE at Auburn, but his most effective spot in the NFL will probably be from the DT spot. Like i said, I also really like the idea of him being a base DE on a lot of the run downs. Davidson is strong, smart, and surprisingly athletic and quick for a man of his size. He moves very well for a man weighing around 300 lbs, whether it be from the DE or DT spot.

2) Terrell Lewis DE Alabama - This draft is all about continuing to fix our weaknesses. Sigming one FA DE doesnt fix the problem. To make sure it remains fixed, we must attack the need from multiple angles. We are way to thin at DE to settle with Fowler and Takk as the only DE's with potential to rush the passer with speed and/or power. Lewis brings some more size, length, speed, and quickness of the edge. With Takk being on the roster already, the signing of Fowler, and now the selection of Lewis, we now potentially have a 3 headed monster forming at the DE spot that would allow us to have 3 fastballs off the edge, and at least one of which will always be on fresh legs. Lewis brings alot more length than Fowler and Talk bring. I think Takk hs a breakout srason, but Lewis could also be a potential insurance policy in case Takk doesn't develop, or gets hit with an injury that keeps him out more than a couple weeks. 

3) Malik Harrison LB Ohio State - While Harrison has the speed and athletacism of a new school LB, he also plays with the same violent force and hard hitting ability of an old school thumper at LB. He can step in from day 1 and repalce Campbell, while also bringing a toughness and intimidation factor to the defense that Campbell was never able to bring. I think Harrison will be one of the best LB from this draft class in a few years, and his power and aggressiveness is the perfect compliment to the pure speed that we get from DeBo and Foye. 

4) Logan Stenberg LG Kentucky - Stenberg is a massive LG prospect that is a steam roller in the run game, and does it with a nasty mean streak. We need to improve the running game to have any resemblance of a consistent offense in 2020. While we have like 4 players already competing there already, Stenberg is the perfect LG to place betweem Mack and Matthews to help the run game get kick started. Let him come in and earn his spot, and add some much needed toughness and nastiness to the run game. 


The Falcons are lacking a pick in rounds 5 and 6, so they decide to flip one of their two 4th round picks to a team for a 5th and 6th round pick. 

5) KJ Hill WR Ohio State - Hill isnt spectacular at anything, but is solid at everything. He's polished, and reliable. He doesnt have the crazy measurables the other WR's have in this class, but he knows how to create speration, and thats enough of a skillset for Matt Ryan to find you in a one on one matchup. Hill is going to surprise a lot of people, as i think be will be a better pro than college player. 

6) Amik Robertson CB/S/NB Louisiana Tech - Robertson is a do it all DB that is physical, can read the QB, and can make plays in both the run and pass game. He also brings high energy and great tackling along with his good athletacism. He will also bring some talent to the special teams. 

7) Calvin Throckmorton OL Oregon - While his combine numbers wont impress you, his 4 years starting at 4 different OL positions should, plus an Academic All-American selection. Throckmorton will obviously not start, but would give us some much needed depth, versatility, and youth along the OL.

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Funny you mentioned the Ravens to start with, because your entire mock draft resembled “Ravens-like” picks in terms of physicality, resilience, and straight up punch you in the mouth style. Davidson, Lewis, and Harrison are the types of guys the Ravens and other notable year-in-and-year-out tough Front 7’s covet. Amik Robertson alone is one of the reasons I don’t want CB in the first round (if you like him, then also go check out Reggie Robinson from Tulsa). Not a big fan of Jaylon Johnson, but that’s just me.  Stenberg is Harvey Dahl IMO, and I’d gladly take anyone from that Oregon OL; Lemieux included. KJ Hill makes plays. His name and number constantly gets called. 

Overall, good job, man. 

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Love every bit of this draft and the players we got in each round although i think robertson is going much higher than that.  As i have him going round 3 or 4 and hopefully to the Falcons if we can't get Jaylon Johnson in round 2 or 3.  They are 2 of my favorite CB's in the draft at this point and either would be solid here.

Davidson, lewis, Harris, and Stenberg are home runs in each round as well.  A+ draft this go around keep it up my friend.

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