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What's the Most Unexpected but Realistic Thing We Do with Our #16 Pick?

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1. Kinlaw

2. Thomas

3. Brown

4. Epensa

5. Chaisson

6. Trade back

Don't like Murray from OU because word is he sucks in coverage. 

Cant go wrong with any of these 5. Delpit would be a Vic Beasley type over reach. Not with Winfield Jr, available beginning of round 2. I almost want to put Thomas over Kinlaw because DT depth being available Round 2. Madibuike, Blaylock, and Elliott should all be sitting there when we pick round 2. The question is, is Kinlaw and Brown that much greater than Madibuike, Blaylock, Elliott? Because if I go DT with Kinlaw or Brown at 16 I got ZERO OL depth in this draft. After Wirfs, Thomas, Becton, and Willis the O-line depth drops dramatically. Draft is super loaded with LB and S. So I can still get talent third round a LB and S. JR Redd from UGA. RB depth and WR depth is solid in the draft as well. So looking at it from a TALENT perspective. OL and CB are the two positions where after the top two or three are gone it drops dramatically. But the reason I didn't put CJ Henderson on my top 5 is because I am going for pick and play players. CBs have a 2 year learning curve. 

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A twist would be if the Falcons took Becton, Wirfs, or Thomas at OL if they fell to 16. Nobody is predicting OL again 

Most would be surprised if we picked A safety instead of a corner/DT/Edge...ala Grant Delpit. 

The most unexpected but realistic, at least imho, is that we take Baun or Winfield Jr. I think we surprise most of TATF and go safety in the first two rounds regardless of what else happens. Only one

I think the most unexpected but still a real possibility would be us taking Cesar Ruiz center with our 16th pick. I say this because the best way for us to add cap space would be to extend Mack which could free up probably 8 million dollars, which would allow us to sign a fa corner. Since we haven’t we have to think of the possibility this is Mack’s last year. Td is notorious for drafting replacements for players on their last year if we are planning on parting ways. 

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On 4/4/2020 at 0:33 AM, RYNE said:

Delpit isn’t good. I’d be furious if we took him at 16. I’d rather have Winfield Jr

Dont let a bum ankle detract you from Delpit. He's shown before what he can do and was lauded as the best safety in CFB at one point. He's got all the tools and ability you want from a FS.

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