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McCray as backup center?

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A lot of folks would like us to draft someone to compete at guard, backup Mack, and takeover for Mack after this year. Could McCray be our backup center this year, allowing us to find Mack’s successor next year? Before this, I had only seen reference to him as an OG or OT.

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Would rather have a dedicated/career Center behind him, I am just always skeptical about the potential for moving/shifting guys along the Oline.  (many all pro linemen have compared even switching sides to "wiping your *** with your left hand)

This draft appears to be loaded with interior O-linemen, so I don't see why we can't address the issue this year.

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5 hours ago, GrimeyKidd said:

High chance to be Wes replacement. And Gono should he lose the LG battle becomes the Swing tackle. But i do project him to win at this point 

I like that Gono is going to be in play for essentially BOTH G and T because I really want to keep him on this team and however he needs to be we just need to keep him.  If he doesn't take the LG spot, he'll man the Swing T which makes him an essential piece to this line no matter where he goes.

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