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MJD predicts

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Gurley is going to ball out. The man is happy to be back in GA and he's going to play with a chip on his shoulder for all the doubters.  I like how he mentioned Koetter in the article too. Not that means a whole lot but I hope he is right.

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19 minutes ago, Clark Kent™ said:

Thats an optimistic prediction. I'm thinking 900-100yds 12TDs ish. At worst, Gurley improves our short yardage goal line opps which is what I'm more concerned about anyways. Its not impossible though. I do think our run game is going to be significantly better this year. 

Agree. 900 yards 10 TDs

Biggest thing to me is helps with short yardage goal to go situations. 

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3 1,300 yard seasons under Dirk Koetter. But Dirk Koetter doesn't know how to run the ball. Like I've said many times, using MJD as an example, he hasn't ran the ball consistently during his tenures here and in Tampa because of the circumstances and talent avaliable to him. Period. 

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