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Kirk Herbstreit says....

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2 hours ago, Falcanuck said:

Well no. Being immune does not mean you can’t be a carrier.

The level of carrying that an "immune" person performs is unknown. So you are neither wrong not right. The data needs to come out.


literally the majority of the population becoming infected and recovering (a long time). 

That's what I said.

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12 hours ago, Sn4tteRBoxXeR said:

And please read your own **** link dude:

I'm not obsessed with it. I made one post about it saying that they said it was plausible which they did. This was taken straight from the link I posted.



Experts say it's plausible that coronavirus came over to the U.S. from China before that first January case, but more testing is needed to be sure. 

But you want to be a ******* ***** about it.

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